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Equinix Fabric

In an exciting partnership with the world’s digital infrastructure company, GNX now provides bespoke and flexible first and last mile connectivity to and from the Equinix digital edge. This is a huge opportunity for customers in their digitization journey, providing the agility to provision physical infrastructure all over the world without investing in hardware with Equinix Metal. 


Infrastructure at the edge

You want to optimize and place your network infrastructure at the digital edge, but the telecom providers don’t offer complete solutions.

Advantages of GNX x Equinix

Globally distributed architecture

On Platform Equinix, you can access the industry’s largest infrastructure ecosystem—with over 4,000 carriers and ISPs—through GNX, benefiting from enhanced connectivity at the digital edge.


Multi-vendor connectivity

Your global WAN needs first and last mile connectivity, but you end up having to manage multiple contracts and invoices from multiple local vendors. 

Advantages of GNX x Equinix

On-demand interconnectivity

Optimize your network based on price, quality of service and service offering. Plus, integrate the Equinix interconnected ecosystem in your global WAN with GNX’s dedicated provisioning and support.


Needs-driven connectivity

The carriers are more interested in selling their solutions than meeting your connectivity needs, and you’re interested in objective, independent advice.

Advantages of GNX x Equinix

Carrier neutral technology

Self-provisioning is available with private lines for maximum uptime and redundancy. We pick seamlessly from the Equinix edge to the destination end-point.


Faster time-to-market

Telecom providers aren’t agile or scaleable, preventing you from expanding to remote markets, connecting to your business partners or introducing new offerings.

Advantages of GNX x Equinix

Distributed infrastructure bridging

Quickly deploy and leverage interconnection services at the digital edge, globally. Our unique, single-interconnection approach connects all your physical and virtual devices.

How we work together Section
GNX connectivity
GNX allows you to regain control of your global network infrastructure by sourcing, building and managing connectivity in a global, multi-region, multi-site, multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-cloud environment. We help you connect your sites, people and devices to the entire Equinix ecosystem.
Platform Equinix
The leading global digital enablement platform for interconnecting your business, Platform Equinix lets you reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything. You can quickly place your solutions within the richest digital ecosystems for game-changing advantages in speed, performance and scalability.
Equinix Fabric™ and Network Edge
Over a self-service portal or API, Equinix Fabric directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix via global, software-defined interconnection. With Equinix Network Edge, you can configure and connect virtual network services at the edge in minutes.
Equinix Metal
Filling the gap between colocation and cloud, Equinix Metal quickly provisions computing and networking infrastructure in markets you want to access before investing in hardware. This scalable, as-a-service offering improves performance with proximity to customers and enables cloud-adjacent storage to move data closers to users.
Platform Lara
Build out your WAN, shop competing prices or simply consolidate all your contracts and invoices using our platform today. No commitment required — signup for an account and get priority access that allows you to just look around or start shopping now.
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