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GNX Solutions

Equinix Fabric

In an exciting partnership with the world’s digital infrastructure company, GNX now provides bespoke and flexible first- and last-mile connectivity to and from the Equinix digital edge. ​

This offers a great opportunity for customers in their digitization journey, providing the agility to provision physical infrastructure all over the world without investing in hardware with Equinix Metal. ​

Business Challenges​

Infrastructure at the edge​
You want to optimize and place your network infrastructure at the digital edge, but the telecom providers don’t offer complete solutions.​
Multi-vendor connectivity​
Your global WAN needs first- and last-mile connectivity, but you end up having to manage multiple contracts and invoices from various local vendors.​
Legacy providers and big carriers aren’t agile or scalable, hindering your ability to expand to remote markets or adopt new technologies.​
How we help

The GNX solution​

GNX allows you to regain control of your global network infrastructure by sourcing, deploying, and managing connectivity in a global, multi-region, multi-site, multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-cloud environment. In short, we help you connect your sites, people, and devices to the entire Equinix ecosystem. ​

While we remain vendor- and technology-agnostic, this solution is ideal if you are already within the Equinix ecosystem or are planning to onboard them in your multi-cloud strategy. ​


Strong partnership​
A strategic partnership between Equinix and GNX brings you the best of both worlds, connecting your sites and people to the Equinix fabric.​
API integration​
Over a self-service portal or API, Equinix Fabric directly, securely, and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix.​
Local know-how, global footprint​
GNX delivers private and public connectivity services in over 190 countries worldwide, leveraging our network of local ISPs and technology partners​
Automation and control​
With our platform Lara, you’ll be able to source, quote, and deploy underlay services yourself, while managing your entire WAN estate from a single place​.
24/7 Monitoring & support​
Ensure your connectivity is always up and running with the support of our global NOC, plus the ability to track performance and tickets from our platform. ​
Download Datasheet​
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source and manage global connectivity. Introducing our carrier-neutral platform.​
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