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GNX Services

Point-to-point connectivity​

Looking for the fastest way of transferring data, whether you are dealing with financial transactions, trading markets, or video streaming?

From Dubai to Hong Kong, and then back to London, private point-to-point links provide you with a faster, more reliable, and secure connectivity solution for your most sensitive and critical data. At GNX, we help you shop, source, and manage private connectivity services anywhere in the world, and bundle them with other internet access services into one contract, one invoice, and one single platform. ​

What’s more, using our carrier-neutral platform, you can access your point-to-point services, and manage your entire WAN estate in just a few clicks.

Low Latency​
Ultra-fast connectivity to power critical data, real-time applications, or online transactions.​
Protect your data with a dedicated and private network. Additional encryption is also available.​
High service levels​
Enjoy guaranteed high performance, availability, and quality of service, backed by high SLAs.​
Private connectivity services​


GNX enables you to connect two sites, data centers, or POPs anywhere in the world with our point-to-point services: Layer 2 Ethernet, Wavelength, and Darkfiber – all with ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, and high levels of security.​

Ideal for​

Enterprises dealing with financial transactions and real-time applications, or for businesses requiring the secure and fast transfer of large data files between data centers or sites.​


Public & Private – depending on your needs​
GNX extensive portfolio allows you to deploy the right connectivity to your specific sites, and bundle it under one single point of contact, contract and invoice.​
Track record and expertise​
A team of experts with 20+ years of experience deploying point-to-point connectivity to the financial and enterprise sectors.​
Global coverage, 24/7 support​
Not only do we deliver internet access in 190+ countries, but we make sure it’s always up and running with proactive monitoring and support from our global NOC. ​
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source, buy, and manage global connectivity. Introducing our fully automated carrier-neutral platform.​
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