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Internet Access Services

Sourcing local internet access services for your global Wide Area Network isn’t just time-consuming and difficult, it’s one more contract and invoice to add to the pile. But using GNX’s intuitive and carrier neutral platform, the process of sourcing internet access for your WAN is simple, clear and transparent.

With LARA, you can browse, compare and source internet access services from 4,000+ carriers and ISPs across the globe using your exact requirements, like SLA, availability, price and more. Always with fixed, predictable pricing and always bundled into one contract and one invoice. Simple as that. 

Top benefits

Simple sourcing
Using our intuitive, automated platform Lara, you can now easily browse and select internet access options across the globe.
With our carrier neutral platform, you can source the best access solution based on your exact network requirements, from SLA to availability, price and more.
One contract, one invoice
Bundle any or all of your internet access services — and anything else you source through GNX — into one simple contract and invoice.
Internet Access Services
With Dedicated Internet Access, enterprises have their own separate, guaranteed and dedicated connection to the internet, providing improved performance, security and control.
Heavily reliant on cloud-based services and applications, you need internet access that’s fast and scaleable to meet challenging demands and secure enough to protect your assets. You also have to stay on budget.
Our solution
DIA gives you the guaranteed and fast connectivity you need to keep up with your important cloud apps and evolving business demands. Plus, we save you the time, effort and internal struggle with predictable pricing.
Keep your business going with local, standard and cost-effective commercial-grade Broadband Internet Access. Connect with customers, get your employees online and keep multiple services and applications running simultaneously.
Local BIA is becoming standard for nearly many enterprises, allowing you to access the internet, your cloud and communicate with customers and employees. But, due to the commoditization and unpredictability of local broadband services, sourcing the quality, commercial-grade connection for your Global WAN is a big headache. But, sourcing local BIA it for your WAN is a headache, and one more invoice and contract to juggle.
Our solution
Whether you need regular cable or DSL to get online or want to source fttx, GNX allows you to shop all your local options based on your exact requirements. Then, we bundle it up into one contract and one invoice for you.
Mobile Internet Acess
4G/5G mobile, wireless internet services are high capacity and diverse, making them a great backup to fiber that also allows you to work anywhere in the world, or get a local site up and running quickly.
Connecting your most remote offices, keeping a worksite connected or getting your newest location up and running in a matter of days, rather than weeks. Or maybe you just need a reliable backup option.
Our solution
GNX solves the complexity of sourcing 4G/5G mobile services. Using our carrier agnostic platform you can shop, browse and source the mobile internet you need anywhere in the world.
Platform Lara
Build out your WAN, shop competing prices or simply consolidate all your contracts and invoices using our platform today. No commitment required — signup for an account and get priority access that allows you to just look around or start shopping now.
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