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GNX Services

Global Internet Access

Gain flexibility and future-proof your networks as you connect your global branches to the cloud.​

At GNX, we are helping hundreds of businesses transform their global networks while removing the complexity of dealing with multiple ISPs, with a single contract, invoice, and 24/7 NOC. What’s more, with our carrier-neutral platform, Lara, you’ll gain direct access to our network of thousands of local ISPs for you to browse, compare, and buy internet access to your exact requirements while gaining visibility and total control over your entire WAN estate. It is streamlined, seamless global connectivity right at your fingertips.​

Future-ready underlay​
Enable your transformation towards SD-WAN and SASE with premium and cloud-optimized connectivity services.​
A service to rely on​
No time for downtime with our wide selection of redundant services, diversity options, SLA guarantees, and proactive support. ​
Reduce​ cost spend​
Reduce connectivity costs while saving time and resources when sourcing and managing multiple ISPs. Because time is money.​

Dedicated Internet Access​

Think of DIA as your private jet to the cloud. With Dedicated Internet Access, enterprises have their own guaranteed and dedicated connection to the Internet, providing improved performance, security, and peace of mind.​

Ideal for​

Enterprises that are heavily reliant on cloud-based services and applications, and require high-speed, secure, and ultra-reliable networks. ​


Business Broadband​

Broadband internet access provides enterprise-grade connectivity to branches worldwide via various technologies, including fiber, DSL, or wireless—a cost-effective solution to connect your people, devices, and applications worldwide.​

Ideal for​

Branch and retail connectivity to enable reliable communications and access to your business applications and information in the cloud.​


Mobile Internet Access ​

LTE/5G mobile internet services provide fast, reliable, and truly diverse connectivity for enterprises – wherever they are and wherever they go. It also makes a great backup to fiber for always-on availability.​

Ideal for​

Connecting small and remote sites as a primary connection, or as a cost-effective backup solution. Wireless is also ideal for fast deliveries, or as a temporary solution until your wired network arrives.​


Your entire WAN becomes one​
One single point of contact, contract and billing. One platform to manage your entire network.​
Unmatched transparency​
With our carrier-neutral approach, we sell solutions that meet your business requirements, not our sales targets.​
Global coverage, 24/7 support​
Not only do we deliver internet access in 190+ countries, but we make sure it’s always up and running with proactive monitoring and support from our global NOC. ​
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source, buy, and manage global connectivity. Introducing our fully automated carrier-neutral platform.​
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