Our Mission

With 20+ years in the industry respectively, founders Rutger Bevaart and Rick Mur built GNX with the mission to meet the needs of modern businesses, their stretched network engineers, and growing global WAN’s.

To make hybrid, carrier-neutral networking more accessible, they knew they needed to break the mold — cutting out the telco giants who confine businesses to their own networks, vendors who only try to upsell, and pushy salespeople. By focusing on transparency and the ever-evolving needs of the modern global business, GNX is giving businesses more control over their WAN’s while providing industry-leading insight.

Meet us

Rutger bevaart

“Over the last 20 years I’ve been on the inside of both large international telecommunications companies and smaller startups as the industry has drastically transformed. But no matter the job, what I continually enjoyed was helping clients navigate new landscapes, meet their goals and deliver services that make a difference. Co-founding GNX is a greater extension of this passion I have — it’s helping clients create WAN’s that simply work better for their business.”

Rick mur

“After years of building out large service provider network infrastructures and helping enterprises solve complex network challenges, I realized the need for a more flexible approach to global connectivity. I joined GNX with this goal in mind, and I’m particularly excited about how we apply this carrier neutral model to SD-WAN — breaking through the incumbent and inflexible offerings with a totally contemporary solution. Creating agile, carrier neutral networks is why I get out of bed in the morning.”