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SD-WAN/SASE Underlay

SD-WAN and SASE promise to optimize your network with better manageability and resiliency, lower costs and an improved user experience. But, if you have never critically assessed and enhanced your underlay, your SD-WAN or SASE can’t work at their highest capacity.

Without an optimized underlay, having SD-WAN or SASE is like driving a sports car in the stone age. Yes, your car is fast and efficient with all these great gadgets. But, the roads are still dirt — slowing you down and causing breakdowns and accidents. That’s why GNX is offering optimized underlays services for SD-WAN and SASE.

With our underlay-first approach, we help you build an entirely new underlay or optimize your existing one so that your SD-WAN/SASE runs efficiently. Only then can your SD-WAN or SASE not only run smoothly on the tarmac, but go faster and take better routes.

Our SD-WAN/SASE Underlay Solutions

Build Your Underlay
Using our intuitive platform Lara, we can select, build and manage an entirely new underlay based on a selection of premium and cloud-optimized local internet connectivity services. It’s never been easier to build your network on your terms.
Streamline Your Underlay
Already have SD-WAN or SASE, but realize your existing underlay needs upgrading? We can optimize your underlay with high availability and site connectivity, then consolidate it all into one contract, with one invoice and GNX as your support. Simple as that.
Our Independent SD-WAN & SASE partners
We have partnered with the leading SD-WAN and SASE vendors as well as different local ISP vendors to provide our clients with the best options. However, our approach is and remains telco, carrier and vendor independent.
What we did
The GNX difference
At GNX, our solution isn’t about your SD-WAN/SASE technology, but about helping you get the most out of it. Whether you need an entirely new underlay or advice on how to optimize your WAN, you can leverage our team of experts and our carrier-neutral platform to source, deploy and operate the best connectivity services to make your SD-WAN/SASE run most efficiently.
Lara’s support
Using our carrier neutral platform that’s connected to 3,000+ carriers across the globe, you can source the best underlay for your SD-WAN or SASE based on SLA, availability, diversity and more. Lara allows you to shop next-generation global connectivity, easily build your wide area network and consolidate all your contracts and invoices with just a few clicks.
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