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GNX Solutions

SD-WAN & SASE Underlay

SD-WAN and SASE offer easier management, agility, and secure connectivity to the enterprise. But to realize the benefits of SD-WAN, it is necessary to critically assess and modernize the underlay first – moving away from traditional MPLS to an internet-based WAN.​

At GNX, we are here to support you along this journey. Our connectivity portfolio of business broadband, DIA, mobile, and point-to-point will ensure your underlay can deliver the agility and reliability required to power SD-WAN and cloud-first strategies. What’s more, we’ll help you source, deploy, and manage your global internet, while empowering your teams with automation, direct pricing, and local insights through our platform Lara. ​

Business Challenges​

Legacy infrastructure​
Not only are they costly, but traditional MPLS can’t deliver the flexibility and scalability required by your SD-WAN.​
Vendor lock-in​
Carriers and technology vendors will often push for their own solutions, regardless of what you really need.​
Sourcing complexity​
Sourcing global internet networks requires time, knowledge and understanding of local markets, vendors, and regulations.​
How we help​

The GNX solution​

At GNX, our solution isn’t about your SD-WAN/SASE technology, but about helping you get the most out of it. ​

Whether you need an entirely new underlay or advice on how to optimize your WAN, you can leverage our team of experts and our carrier-neutral platform, Lara, to source, deploy, and manage the best connectivity services, and lay the foundation for the successful deployment of your SD-WAN.​


Partner ecosystem​
We partner with leading SD-WAN and SASE vendors, and thousands of local ISPs to design the solution that best fits your needs.​
Local knowledge, global reach​
With good understanding of local regulations, we can provide underlay services in 190+ countries.​
Friction-free underlay management​
With GNX, you’ll optimize and consolidate your underlay into one single contract, support contact, and invoice. ​
Automation and control​
Gain direct access to our platform for easy sourcing, direct pricing, and full overview of your WAN estate.​
Unmatched transparency​
Experience an open and transparent way of working, from first engagement throughout the entire lifecycle of your network.
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source and manage global connectivity. Introducing our carrier-neutral platform.​
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