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DIY aggregation / ISP consolidation

Do It Yourself Aggregation seems affordable enough. But, anyone who has done it can tell you how much extra time and effort it costs you. Whether you’re sourcing local internet services or sourcing next to your MPLS contract because the telco was too expensive or didn’t have your desired diversity, you’ve also probably been locked into a contract that works well enough but isn’t optimized.

With our ISP Consolidation service, our team will advise and guide you through consolidating your various connections and optimizing your Wide Area Network. Our platform Lara will provide holistic oversight of the entire WAN, as well as consolidate all of your connections into one contract and one invoice with GNX — easy as that.


Enormous internal complexity
Numerous local internet services have resulted in numerous contracts, all with varying services, costs, currencies and support desks.
Lack of standardization
Your DIY concept has resulted in a lack of global standardization across your local contracts, leaving you with varying service levels.
Limited network resources in your team
You don’t have a centralized, holistic overview, and your team doesn’t have enough resources to centralize and manage that data and those services.
What we did
The GNX solution
With GNX’s ISP Consolidation, we hit the ground running, providing you with a thorough, initial screening that assesses the current state of your underlay. From there, we can give you advice on the kinds of services, connectivity and providers that will optimize your network. We will also consolidate your access service via co-management, novation or simple new installation so we can make sure you operate with a standardized network. And with Lara, you get the holistic overview and total insight you need to secure your network.
Lara’s support
Using our platform Lara, you no longer have to deal with local suppliers, carriers and vendors. Our carrier neutral sourcing platform allows you to easily shop next generation, global connectivity from 3,000+ carriers for your WAN. Plus, everything is always consolidated into one contract and one invoice. Simple as that.
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