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GNX Solutions

ISP Consolidation

A do-it-yourself approach to ISP aggregation may seem like the most affordable option, but anyone who has done it can tell you how much extra time and resources it really costs. ​

GNX’s ISP Consolidation services help you to scale and optimize your global WAN, without the hassle. We remove the pain and complexity of sourcing and managing multiple providers, bringing them into one single contract and invoice. With our deep local know-how and automated platform, you’ll gain visibility and total control over your network, reduce operational costs, and improve performance across your entire estate.​

Business Challenges​

Enormous internal complexity​
Numerous local internet services have resulted in numerous contracts, varying service levels, currencies, service desks, and hidden costs.​
No easy overview​
Different portals, logins, or documents inside folders (which are inside other folders) complicate management and future improvements.​
Limited resources and local know-how​
Too much time and resources are spent managing multiple connections or sourcing local ISPs in new markets – in foreign languages and with country-specific regulations. ​
How we help​

The GNX solution​

With GNX’s ISP Consolidation, we hit the ground running, providing you with a thorough initial screening that assesses the current state of your underlay. From there, we can give you advice on the kind of services, connectivity, and providers that best fit your network requirements. ​

We will also consolidate your access services via co-management, novation, or new installations where needed so we can make sure you operate with a standardized network. And with our platform, you get the holistic overview and insight you need to gain total control over your network.​


Local know-how,​global scale​
Expert advice on best available providers and local regulations in 190+ countries​.
Transparency & Automation​
A fully automated platform gives you insight on potential new vendors and your current estate.​
24/7 Monitoring & Support​
Proactive monitoring and support from GNX global NOC.​
Tailored approach​
A solution design aimed to solve your specific business challenges.​
Value-add services​
Access to our extended portfolio of managed services and connectivity solutions.​
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source and manage global connectivity. Introducing our carrier-neutral platform.​
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