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DC & Site Underlay

At GNX, we make it easy to source, deploy and manage the right connectivity services to support your Data Centers and Wide Area Network. Using our carrier neutral platform LARA, you can shop 3,000+ carriers and ISPs with your requirements at the forefront. And working with our team of experts, you can optimize your DC & Site connectivity.

We make it easy to add new connections — whether it’s one or ten — easily change your existing ones, as well as move away from a telco provider. With a totally carrier neutral approach, GNX llows you to build and manage a WAN that puts your business first.


Difficulty sourcing
Sourcing DC & Site connectivity matching your WAN requirements across the world is not only difficult but time-consuming for your team.
Lack of transparency
You’re dealing with pushy salespeople who are more interested in selling their solutions than optimizing yours.
Inconvenient to manage
Managing Wide Area Network yourself, you get a slew of different invoices, different support teams, and contracts to deal with. And managing the entire network on top of that yourself is impossible to do seamlessly.
The GNX Solution
What we did
We’re not just making shopping and managing your connectivity services easier, we’re providing expert advice and building genuine relationships that allow us to fully understand your needs and help you build a stable, reliable network.
Lara’s support
Our carrier neutral sourcing platform Lara allows you to shop next-generation global connectivity from 3,000+ carriers for your WAN, easily build your wide area network and consolidate all your contracts and invoices with just a few clicks.
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