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GNX Solutions

Data center & Site Underlay

For many businesses, data centers are still a critical asset in their IT strategy. And so is having a secure and reliable connectivity between these, their sites, and the cloud.

As a network specialist, GNX can provide you with managed private and public connectivity solutions to optimize your data center underlay, regardless of where these are located. Leveraging our network of thousands of ISPs, we’ll help you design a cost-effective solution that meets your exact requirements while giving you full visibility and total control of your WAN with our automated platform, Lara.

Business Challenges​

Legacy infrastructure​
Your traditional MPLS or current network vendors provide limited flexibility, not letting you scale at the pace you need.​
High costs​
The increase in bandwidth consumption results in squeezed WAN budgets. Specific sites can offer cost-savings if moved to an internet-based WAN.​
Managing complexity​
Sourcing and managing connectivity across the world is not only difficult, but time-consuming for your team. ​
How we help​

The GNX solution​

Whether you are looking to use DIA, point-to-point, or cloud interconnect services, our team of experts will help you source, deploy, and manage your data center and site underlay in 190+ countries.​

With GNX, you can rely on a solution-focused approach to meet your exact requirements, achieve greater flexibility and scalability, secure your data, and reduce the complexity of managing multiple connections worldwide. ​


Local know-how,​global scale​
Expert advice on best available providers and local regulations in 190+ countries​.
Underlay specialists​
We know a thing or two about the underlay and will help you out along the design and lifecycle of your WAN.​
24/7 Monitoring & Support​
Proactive monitoring and support from GNX global NOC.​
Seamless deployment​
Our global team works closely with all local vendors to ensure the timely delivery of your solution.​
Value-add services​
Access to our extended portfolio of managed services and connectivity solutions.​
Next-generation networks, at your fingertips​
It is time we change the way enterprises source and manage global connectivity. Introducing our carrier-neutral platform.​
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