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Private connectivity

GNX gives you more control than ever when sourcing private connectivity. Using our transparent, carrier neutral platform, you can easily browse, compare and source private connectivity all over the world using your exact requirements. 

Whether you need to connect your headquarters, data centers or cloud environments, GNX’s platform will help you shop and source the unique, direct and secure private connectivity you need. Put together in one contract and one invoice, GNX makes it easy to order the specific path with the low-latency you need.

Top benefits

More control
Private connectivity gives you more control, which equals increased security, guaranteed bandwidth, speed and performance.
Simple sourcing
Using our intuitive, automated platform you can now easily browse and compare private connectivity options across the globe.
With our carrier neutral platform, you can source the best solution based on SLA, availability, price and more.
Our private connectivity
High-speed, (ultra) low-latency connection between any DC or POP to your premise with ethernet P2P, WDM or dark fiber. If you process financial transactions or do anything that needs a fast, secure connection, you want point-to-point.
Establishing a secure cloud or data center connection, finding the shortest path route, dropping application sessions, reliability and keeping up with high bandwidth networking needs. Plus, pricing and sourcing these connections globally.
Our solution
With GNX you get the high-bandwidth, low latency and secure connection you need to have fast, resilient and global point-to-point circuits. Clear pricing upfront, always. And quick deployment, too.
Optimize your hybrid WAN with a mesh of connections between network devices that allows you to directly, virtually and dynamically connect to your distributed cloud infrastructure and digital ecosystems.
Today’s decentralized, cloud-based IT environments can be tough to manage and allow for little agility and scalability. You need to connect a variety of NSPs, as well as better connect your business, suppliers and customers. You also want to avoid downtime that costs you money and your reputation.
Our solution
Leveraging different global fabrics, our customers get a high-availability, more secure and resilient network that’s easier to use, configure and scale in real-time between 50+ global metros and thousands of providers, customers, and partners.
Platform Lara
Build out your WAN, shop competing prices or simply consolidate all your contracts and invoices using our platform today. No commitment required — signup for an account and get priority access that allows you to just look around or start shopping now.
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