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GNX Services

Cloud Fabric​

It’s (multi)-cloudy out there, and it’s our goal to help businesses meet their cloud strategy goals through seamless connectivity.

GNX’s cloud interconnect services enable global enterprises to transfer data between their private and public clouds, DCs, and sites, in a fast and ultra-secure manner, whether these are countries or oceans apart. Leveraging our network of partners and local ISPs, we simplify the process of global connectivity, providing expertise, reliability, and peace of mind.

Tailor-made solution​
Our Cloud Fabric solutions are designed to your specific needs to guarantee digital success.​
Enjoy low latency, high throughput and ultra-reliable services, underpinned by SLA guarantees.
Interconnect all
One single solution to connect all your physical and virtual assets – private and public clouds, on-premise and cloud applications, sites, and more. ​
Cloud Fabric Services

Cloud Fabric​

GNX offers you a range of fabric services to connect your clouds – private or public, data centers, and sites seamlessly and securely, enabling your business’ productivity and efficiency goals.​

Ideal for​

Enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy or looking to connect resources from two or more clouds or DCs. Cloud fabric services are also ideal for international companies requiring access to or from highly-regulated locations, like the case of China.​


Customer-focused solutions​
GNX broad portfolio and partner network allows you to deploy the right connectivity solution to your specific requirements.​
Track record and expertise​
A team of experts with 20+ years of experience deploying connectivity solutions for the global enterprise.
Global coverage, 24/7 support​
Not only do we deliver internet access in 190+ countries, but we make sure it’s always up and running with proactive monitoring and support from our global NOC.
Visibility and total control​
It is time we change the way enterprises source, buy, and manage global connectivity. Introducing our fully automated carrier-neutral platform.​
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