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Managed Services

Built for IT professionals by IT professionals, our platform gives you the flexibility and control you need to streamline and automate your WAN. But sometimes, DIY is more difficult than you thought it would be and your team really needs the extra support. That’s where GNX’s managed services come in.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide critical advice paired with a suite of expertly curated managed services. Whether you need help deploying new technologies, on-site installation or managing your entire WAN, we can help you with one-off projects and long-term guidance.

Top benefits

The customer is always first
So much more than just technical experts, we believe in going beyond the lacking industry standards to build real relationships with our clients. It’s this that allows us to fully understand your needs and provide the best advice and service.
We’re connectivity experts
A team of agile connectivity experts brought together by industry veterans, we have a deep understanding of the technology, services and solutions needed to run a global, hybrid WAN.
We’re transparent
We are open and transparent and believe in taking an honest approach to business. Our carrier-neutral approach allows us to tell it to you straight and only ever deliver the highest-quality connectivity for your business.
Managed Services
Project Management
Whether you’re looking to deploy new networks, upgrade existing technologies or introduce new solutions, the team at GNX will not only provide expert advice but seamlessly manage your new implementation.
Service Management
This end-to-end solution takes the pressures off your IT team so they can focus on what they do best. GNX will design, deliver and manage your new service, leveraging the expert advice of our team and our platform Lara.
On-site Installation
Our global field technicians will travel anywhere in the world to make sure your critical, on-site installation is delivered smoothly without any issues. These experts understand the complexity of each solution and can make important customizations needed for proper WAN integration.
On-site Cabling
Whether you’re dealing with a complex system, a wide variety of physical connections or simply need the convenience of expert help, our technicians can also be dispatched for the on-site cabling of your mission-critical physical connections.
Access Service Management
Reduce incidents by partnering with GNX to manage your existing local access services. We will provide monitoring, as well as 24/7 support and service.
Middle Mile
GNX will build, maintain and operate your essential middle mile, providing you with high-capacity, low-latency connectivity between your core network and last mile. Now, you can focus on what you do best while we focus on optimizing your underlay.
GNX will help you avoid disruptions in your network with novation services, helping your company expertly and legally update necessary network services and infrastructure contracts.
Platform Lara
Build out your WAN, shop competing prices or simply consolidate all your contracts and invoices using our platform today. No commitment required — signup for an account and get priority access that allows you to just look around or start shopping now.
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