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Your Wide Area Network, all in one place.
Our carrier neutral sourcing platform LARA allows you to shop and compare next generation, global connectivity with just a few clicks, easily build your Wide Area Network and consolidate your services.
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Built by IT pros for IT pros
Lara gives network engineers flexibility and autonomy and makes hybrid, carrier-neutral networking more accessible.
Hybrid networking made easy
Compare connectivity services and prices from competing vendors and streamline your workflow with automations.
Complete visibility
With complete visibility across your Wide Area Network, you can quickly and accurately resolve problems with the power of automation.
Our intuitive platform is built with transparency in mind. Plug in where you need connectivity and Lara will give you all the available options from competing vendors.
Our carrier neutral approach allows you to narrow down your search and get exactly the solution you need by comparing providers, price, SLA and more.
Once you decide on a connection, it’s just a few clicks to sign the price proposal and order. LARA will consolidate your new connection with all the others in one contract and one invoice.
Need advice?
No problem. Our fanatical team of connectivity experts are available 24/7 to make sure you get your solution exactly right.
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