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Introducing the new, simple way to global connectivity.

Simple connectivity, with a capital S.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was somebody who could help you while you explore the world of global connectivity? Well, now there is. 

We believe global connectivity should be simple. No, scratch that. It should be super simple. That’s why we moved away from the old, non-transparent and conservative way of dealing with connectivity, because… Well, it got old.  

Through the power of deep automation, AI, machine-learning and real-time data insights from our platform Lara, you can make more informed decisions. Save time, get better connectivity and most importantly, get Total Control. 

Here’s how 

We set out to collectively gather all of GNX’s experience, expertise, our vast global and local know-how, our network of thousands of ISPs and last-mile-fiber owners, and then feed it into our pitch-perfect platform. With all that new knowledge and decades of experience, our platform can easily search, compare, and deploy your global connectivity. If you add your preferences and what your business and technical requirements are, we’ll give you a list of all the options completely tailored to your needs. 



Major perk. Industry-Leading Data
Experience industry-leading connectivity data lake. Stay ahead of the curve and set new standards for success. 

Another perk. Simplicity and ease of use
Experience our platform’s intuitive interface, designed to simplify your tasks and streamline your processes. Less effort, while you get more work done. 

Another perk?! Live monitoring
Wouldn’t it be great if somebody is already at work for you when you wake up and your connectivity is down? With give you pro-active support and keep an eye out for your entire network by monitoring 24/7 and proactively opening tickets with our vendors. 

And, one contract and one invoice
A fully streamlined workflow. We like the sound of that just as much as you do. So it won’t come as no surprise that with us, all your contracts and invoices from various carriers are consolidated into one. Nice. 



With our platform, exploring the world of global connectivity is as easy as booking an airline ticket, or a hotel room. And after ordering, we’ll provide you with real-time insights, shows you the details of your services at any time. Giving you total control and visibility into your global connectivity.  We get it, your time is valuable, as is ours. That’s why we provide you with tailormade options for you to decide. Once that’s done, well… we’ll take it from there.  

If you choose to team up with us, you also choose flexibility and all the control you need. Basically, everything an agile and future-proof network needs.  

No matter the challenge you face, we’re here for you, for all 24 hours that are in a day. Promise.  

Whether you want to aggregate your locally sourced internet services, optimize your WAN, build a new SASE underlay or search for low latency services for your trading platform, GNX has got you covered.  

We provide global connectivity that works and works for you.  



GNX. Straightforward connectivity.