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GNX strengthens its team with Declan Clancy as Head of Platform

GNX strengthens its team with Declan Clancy as Head of Platform
Amsterdam, July 11th, 2023 - GNX, a leading provider of global connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Declan Clancy as Head of Platform.

With over 7 years of experience in building B2B software platforms and marketplaces, Clancy brings valuable expertise from his previous role as Head of Product at BT and previously REKKI. His leadership will drive the growth and development of Lara, GNX’s carrier-neutral, connectivity sourcing data platform. Under Clancy’s guidance, the platform will grow at a rapid pace. Customers will have the ability to input their connectivity needs and get real time options with accurate information and experience scores. Heavily benefiting from automated processes. GNX is excited to leverage Clancy’s strategic vision to enhance our platform offerings and provide exceptional value to customers.

Declan Clancy

Declan Clancy, Head of Platform: “I am impressed by GNX’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. I believe there is a huge opportunity to deliver a significantly better experience for buyers and suppliers in this industry. I’ve joined GNX to help develop a platform that enables customers to find, customize, purchase, and manage connectivity in a manner that is 10x better than they can do today. I’m really excited about tapping into the deep industry knowledge of my new colleagues to create value for our customers and make a significant impact the industry.”

Rick Mur

Rick Mur, CTO and co-founder of GNX: “We are excited that Declan has decided to join us on this amazing journey. With his experience in building data driven software platforms, we are confident that together we will accelerate our development process. Our customers will experience how they are able to source and manage their connectivity needs in real time and benefit from streamlined, automated and fully transparent processes.”


Daniela Muente (Global Marketing Director, GNX) [email protected]