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GNX strengthens its financial team with the experts from SPYNE

Amsterdam, 25 August 2022 – With the appointment of Joost Dankers and Paul Smit from SPYNE to GNX’ financial team, GNX strengthens its financial team to be best positioned to deal with the challenges of global business. Through SPYNE Joost and Paul bring their expert-level experience and unique insights to GNX in their role of interim CFO. They also participate in the GNX Strategic Advisory Team.

With the assistance of SPYNE, GNX secures the professionalization of its global financial team. One area where GNX brings value to its global customers is by offering a ‘one contact, one contract, one invoice’. The strong growth of the international customer base and global reach requires GNX to consolidate multi-vendor, multi-currency and multi-tax requirements into its invoices, financial administration and reports. 

Rutger Bevaart, CEO GNX

“To maximize our growth, we need to be on top of our game. By partnering with SPYNE we not only gain tremendous global financial and tax knowledge but are also able to align our strategic goals with board-level financial planning and reporting. This enables us to focus on the day-to-day business of running a global telecommunications company and manage our growth’, says Rutger Bevaart, GNX CEO.  

Joost Dankers, Managing Partner SPYNE

SPYNE Managing Partner Joost Dankers adds: “We are proud that we can be part of the growth path at GNX, advise the management on strategic matters and enable them with the necessary financial insights. SPYNE creates the appropriate professional financial fundament providing key metrics and insights for management and external stakeholders”. 


GNX is a carrier neutral, next-generation global connectivity service company that is cutting out the carriers, vendors and pushy salespeople who are more interested in selling their solutions than managing yours.

Supporting businesses that need a more agile, flexible and global approach to connectivity, GNX provides a unique, carrier-neutral approach that enables clients to source solutions that best fit their requirements. With clear and transparent pricing for underlay connectivity services like ethernet, dark-fiber, DIA internet access or 4G / 5G, GNX customers can build better global WANs.


The name SPYNE is derived from ‘spine’. Like the spine in the body provides for stability and flexibility, SPYNE takes care of the same characteristics for companies that want to grow. Or the way we like to describe SPYNE: Your backbone to realize growth.

SPYNE provides for CFO relief within every development phase that a company goes through. Support will certainly not be needed during all life cycles of a company. Every process is tailor-made. Depending on the goal, we make agreements about the working method that fits best. We prefer to be involved within the company ourselves in order to establish the desired internal organization or to further professionalize it.

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Rutger Bevaart (CEO GNX) – +31 65 363-3989 – [email protected]

Joost Dankers (Managing Partner SPYNE) – + 31 88 77963 00 – [email protected]