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GNX appoints Ivan Minev as its Director of Sales

GNX appoints Ivan Minev as its Director of Sales
Amsterdam, 5 October 2021 - Ivan Minev has joined GNX, the Next Generation Global Connectivity provider that specialises in internet connectivity worldwide as well as first- and last-mile access solutions.

As the Director of Global Sales, Ivan will support GNX’s customer and partners with their global connectivity needs and accelerate GNX’s new business initiatives.

Ivan Minev is a business development and sales professional coming from leading companies in global data communications, such as NTT and With a clear vision on the future of enterprise networks, he brings his ability to execute to the GNX vision of delivering the best possible solutions and customer experience for its customers.

Ivan Minev

“The market is developing rapidly into adopting SASE and thus adding security to all enterprise WAN edges for some time already. SD-WAN has been here for some time now and is first implemented by mid-market companies. Now, we see that global enterprises start to embrace the concept since it has matured, and it provides true business value. However, the success of a global SD-WAN or SASE deployment depends on having the best possible managed underlay network. Global enterprises need to have an easily manageable and robust underlay infrastructure that supports their key business requirements. That is where GNX comes into play,” says Minev.

Minev sees huge opportunities in supporting the customers and partners of GNX to make the next step towards truly secure IP-networking by implementing SD-WAN or SASE global networks.

This while offering granular control of costs and performance across their entire global underlay through GNX’ innovative approach of sourcing, building and managing global networks. “Building global partnerships will be my main focus for the time being,” says Minev. “Helping our customers navigate the complex landscape of global connectivity is our key strength at GNX. Leveraging LARA, GNX’ virtual artificial intelligence system for sourcing and supporting the best connectivity for each individual customer, will support our key customers and facilitate these partnerships. LARA certainly gives GNX a competitive edge.”

Rutger Bevaart

Rutger Bevaart, CEO and co-founder of GNX: “We are honored that Ivan has come on board. We are impressed by his understanding of the business needs and requirements of global enterprises and his track record as an authority in our industry. He has unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the global connectivity market, and he knows how to create value for the customer. Ivan will contribute strongly to supporting our customers in the best possible way.”


Iryna Shulzhynska (Marketing manager, GNX) +31 68 551 6465 – [email protected]