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Cloud connectivity to MS Azure in China

This GNX customer is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products, with an international presence in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and digital worlds in consumer electronics devices and professional applications.

As an international company with teams collaborating beyond borders and time zones, connectivity between offices and factories should be a given. Nevertheless, internet regulations in China limiting Microsoft Azure capabilities in that country got in the way of a seamless CRM rollout for their office in China. 

That, plus a slow-to-zero response by the local incumbent providers, was enough to make them turn to GNX’s combined solution with Equinix.

When we roll up our sleeves at GNX, we first look into our customers’ specific needs, requirements, and existing environment. 

With that in mind, we leveraged our partnership with Equinix to first build a point-to-point solution between the customer’s office in Shanghai and an uplink into MS Azure in Hong Kong. This solution allowed us to offer a compliant solution that enabled a seamless CRM rollout while removing the complexity of China’s internet landscape. 

But times change. Requirements change. And due to changes in the political landscape and to guarantee the performance and reliability of the connection, we saw it necessary to migrate to a new solution.

The existing model connecting Shanghai to Hong Kong was migrated to a different path: MS Azure Shanghai (China East 2) and MS Azure Amsterdam (Europe West). The new link was fully backbone protected and redundant for always-on availability. 

And while the hand-off for the link is in Equinix Frankfurt, where Microsoft takes care of the final part of the traffic flow to Amsterdam, for the customer, the experience remains seamless. Movella receives only two Azure service keys. In the background,  GNX works its “magic” behind the scenes, making it work end-to-end.

Sourcing connectivity in China has been tough. We quickly learned that doing business in China can be tricky, but with the help of GNX, we were able to continue operations efficiently.

– Innovator in 3D Motion Tracking Tech CTO

GNX’s carrier-neutral and technology-agnostic approach ensures we focus on the solution that best fits customers. This is how we arrived at Equinix as a partner for a turnkey solution, providing fast turnaround and delivery. 

For the customer, this results in agile processes, limited disruption, and the fulfillment of their promise of continuous movement.

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