Is Your Global Hybrid Network Being Restricted?

25. June 2020

Today, most networks are hybrid networks. And for many companies, these hybrid networks are global networks. So, it’s no surprise that in recent years SD-WAN technology has become an important and popular choice for companies who need to better control of these global, hybrid networks. In fact, SD-WAN has allowed companies to be more agile than ever before, running better and more efficient networks for their employees and customers.

Yet, something is still restricting networking.

While SD-WAN companies are giving you more control than ever, that freedom comes at a price. When you opt for SD-WAN, you typically have two choices. The first option: going back to the telcos to build your underlay. Yes, the guys you just tried to get away from. Not only does this force you into expensive contracts, but constraining networks that aren’t conducive to hybridity or global connectivity. 

The second option isn’t much better: forcing you to manage the underlying connectivity totally on your own — true end-to-end responsibility. While at first the control may be appealing, management and billing can become a nightmare, and IT teams quickly realize just how alone they really are. 

GNX — Your Next-Gen Connectivity Supplier

At GNX, we have always operated under the notion that your SD-WAN is only as good as your underlay. That is exactly why we built GNX — to allow companies to source the global, hybrid connectivity they need to run their most optimal networks. Based on your SLA, availability, price and more, you can choose dedicated private connectivity, ethernet, MPLS, xDSL, fiber, DIA, wireless or 4G/5G all over the globe.

Now, you no longer have to choose between the inflexible telcos and the daunting task of total end-to-end responsibility. At GNX, you are free to build the best network for your business and manage it with total ease. With everything bundled into one contract and one invoice, global hybrid networking has never been easier.

  1. Transparent pricing
  2. Expert support and advice
  3. One contract, one invoice

Reaching New Heights
We used to only source connectivity for our clients who chose our leading SD-WAN solutions. But after much success, we’re now offering our global, carrier neutral and hybrid networking to any company who is tired of being restricted and wants to build a hybrid, carrier neutral, global network. 

Partner With GNX Three Ways
Our Next-Gen Service Model

  1. For Global, Hybrid Connectivity
    Tired of the telcos? Need more flexibility and control? Want more, and better, options? Partner with GNX to build your global, hybrid network. Just tell our team of experts what you need and we will source the best solutions based on your SLA, price, availability and more — also providing key advice along the way.

    Once everything is provisioned, we’ll put it all into one contract with one invoice to keep everything simple. That means no longer juggling multiple DIA contracts and bills every month — streamlining your workflow.
  2. To Make Your Current SD-WAN Solution Better
    Maybe you already have an SD-WAN solution in place that is working great, but you realize your underlay just isn’t where you need it to be. By partnering with GNX, you can finally build a hybrid, global network that can support your employees and customers to the fullest capacity.

    GNX has also proven to be a great partner for companies who already have an SD-WAN solution in place but need to launch a new site in a challenging country, like China, where their SD-WAN just wouldn’t reach. At GNX, our team can source and provision the private circuit you need into China so that you can run your network the way you need to.
  3. To Launch an Effective SD-WAN Solution
    If you and your team have been talking about an SD-WAN solution but haven’t been able to make the move because of the problems listed above, then you’ve come to the right place. With GNX, you can build the exact network you need. Then, our team of experts will pair you with one of our SD-WAN partners to ensure you have the most control possible. 

GNX has also been a great option for companies who weren’t big enough to source the connectivity they needed from the telcos, leaving them with the daunting task of juggling multiple contracts and an SD-WAN solution. By partnering with GNX, we will build your business the most optimal network, partner you with the right SD-WAN and then bundle it all together in one contract and invoice. Simple as that.

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