GNX appoints Jorrit Pouw as a Senior Software Architect

13. April 2022

GNX appoints Jorrit Pouw as a Senior Software Architect; hyper accelerating LARA platform development

Amsterdam, 13 April 2022Jorrit Pouw has joined GNX, the Next Generation Global Connectivity provider that specializes in internet connectivity worldwide, as well as in first- and last-mile access solutions in a next generation model. As a Senior Software Architect, Pouw will lead GNX’s software development initiatives, with a strong focus on further development of LARA and especially focus on it’s flexible API capabilities in connecting both with customers and vendors. LARA is GNX’s carrier neutral and Artificial Intelligence-driven sourcing platform. With just a few clicks, LARA enables to shop next generation global connectivity, easily build wide area networks and consolidate all the associated contracts and invoices.

Seasoned developer

Jorrit Pouw  is a seasoned software developer with unparalleled width and depth of experience in the design and delivery of business-critical applications, for back-end, front-end, CRM, ERP, video streaming, networking, microservices, caching and API-integration purposes. He leverages and combines the latest tooling with proven technologies to ensure fast and safe delivery of the robust and flexible solutions a company needs to operate and scale.

“I am thrilled to join GNX at this stage to help the company accelerate its growth with highly innovative software that harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies”, said Pouw. “LARA is evolving into a platform that enables customers to mix and match connectivity in real-time, wherever they need it, and to create the underlay network according to their granular business needs and requirements. LARA will also automate quoting, provisioning, invoicing, monitoring and support processes.” Pouw has experience creating similar process based solutions for companies in the hosting, datacenter, content delivery & streaming and security industries. “In fact, I created my first website when I was 14 years old, and I built my first business in game hosting when I was 16. That was my introduction to the datacenter world. My parents then needed to sign all sorts of paperwork for my business, as I was still a minor.”

Pouw turned down an offer to enter a CTO position with an international, premier software development company to join GNX. “I know GNX CTO Rick Mur for many years now. When I asked him for advice regarding the CTO job offering, we discussed my career and best ways to move forward. Ultimately this resulted in an option for me to join GNX. I accepted happily, as I am highly attracted by the company, the people and all the opportunities. But foremost by the intellectual challenge of building such a never-seen-before solution!”

Rick Mur, CTO and co-founder of GNX: “We are excited that Jorrit has decided to join us on this amazing journey. We are confident that he will bring a lot to LARA and take GNX to the highest levels of technological innovation to provide our customers the best experience and to automate business processes with AI en ML techniques. As the team lead and based on his extensive experience, he will take us to lightspeed innovation.”

About GNX

GNX is a carrier neutral, next-generation global connectivity service company that is cutting out the carriers, vendors and pushy salespeople who are more interested in selling their solutions than managing yours.

Supporting businesses that need a more agile, flexible and global approach to connectivity, GNX provides a unique, carrier-neutral approach that enables clients to source solutions that best fit their requirements. With clear and transparent pricing for underlay connectivity services like ethernet, dark-fiber, DIA internet access or 4G / 5G, GNX customers can build better global WANs.

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