Elite Networks

10. January 2022

The flexible and secure SD-WAN/SASE Network of tomorrow, delivered by GNX and Elite Networks

Amsterdam, 10 January 2022 – GNX and Elite Networks join forces to provide worldwide enterprise grade secure networks. GNX is the Next Generation Global Connectivity provider that specializes in internet connectivity worldwide, as well as first- and last-mile access solutions. Elite Networks specializes in design, transition and management of software defined network infrastructures.



“Well managed SD-WAN and SASE networks are vital for any global company. Enterprises need to have an easily manageable, robust and secure underlay infrastructure that supports their always-on key business requirements. GNX supports Elite and its customers with managed underlay services – providing the best possible managed internet connectivity anywhere in the world” says Ivan Minev, Director of Sales at GNX. Elite takes care of the SD-WAN and SASE design, deployment and management on top of the GNX-provided underlay network to ensure the best continuity for its customers.


“We aim to be the company of choice for our tech partners such as GNX when they are looking for managed services companies. We are always at the forefront of innovation in the field of secure network infrastructure management, and we are used to managing complex infrastructures. We understand that global networks must work securely 24×7,” says Roel Butterhoff, Founder & Business Development Director at Elite Networks.

Elite Networks will provide network management services that will support GNX helping its customers to make the next step towards truly secure IP-networking by implementing secure SD-WAN or SASE global networks.

About GNX 

GNX is a carrier neutral, next-generation global connectivity service company that is cutting out the carriers, vendors and pushy salespeople who are more interested in selling their solutions than managing yours.

Supporting businesses that need a more agile, flexible and global approach to connectivity, GNX provides a unique, carrier-neutral approach that enables clients to source solutions that best fit their requirements. With clear and transparent pricing for underlay connectivity services like ethernet, dark-fiber, DIA internet access or 4G / 5G, GNX customers can build better global WANs.

Learn more at https://gnx.net

About Elite Networks

Elite Networks is a managed service provider in secure SD-WAN, SASE, firewall and (W-)LAN, providing high-class and highly rated services with a strong customer focus. Elite supports customers globally with flexible, scalable and secure solutions that provide maximum visibility of infrastructure and applications.

By offering a unique choice between fully managed or co-managed services, Elite is able to suit the needs and requirements of all type of customers, while maintaining the highest level of service.

Learn more at https://www.elitenetworks.eu/sd-wan


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