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This GNX customer is a crypto trading firm. They’re great at what they do, but needed the edge of speed and agility that comes from optimized low-latency global routes. 

The challenges
Our client’s business can be made in a millisecond. Yet, they had dispersed and inefficient global P2P connectivity services from multiple providers which were slowing them down. This not only caused high latency across multiple routes, but delayed access to their essential data and delayed transactions
Our solution
We got our client up to speed with an AWS-AWS racetrack between Silicon Valley, Ashburn, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Tokyo. Integrating GNX low-latency ethernet and ISP services in each of the IBX facilities, we also combined Equinix IBX services with local GNX metro connects and Equinix Fabric capabilities to achieve ultra-low-latency connectivity.
The team at GNX understood exactly what we needed from the start. Their expertise in FX and low-latency connectivity put us at ease, and their solution jumpstarted our network and our business.
~ CEO Crypto Trading Company
GNX added value

This optimized solution leverages the core capabilities of GNX and our partner Equinix. Using a unique and bespoke combination of IP services, IBX, Cloud Exchange and (U)LL services, we were able to provide the ultra-low-latency connectivity that’s needed for the fin-tech industry.

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