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Partnerships: Getting the most out of your SD-WAN services with GNX’s underlay

The trend toward SD-WAN and SASE adoption continues as companies seek agile networks to support the explosive move towards cloud environments and cloud-based applications. However, focusing on the overlay alone is not enough. 

Network managers are rapidly exiting rigid legacy networks for more flexible internet connectivity options. The full benefit of next-generation networks is unlocked with the selection of the best fit-for-purpose internet circuits. This is why multiple Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators partner with GNX to optimize their customers’ underlays at a global scale, ensuring a seamless transition to SD-WAN and SASE.

The challenge
Underthinking the underlay
The goal is clear: a flexible and secure network that is easy to manage, change, and scale to adapt to changing business requirements. To that, an SD-WAN & SASE overlay solution is the right answer and where MSPs shine.

The challenge (often underestimated) arrives when it’s time to look at and select the right underlay – especially if it’s at a global scale. Internet services can differ across countries and regions. Local regulations, quality of the infrastructure, or even having to deal with local languages require local knowledge to source, deploy, and manage the right underlay solution.
Coming to GNX, SD-WAN partner vendors search for a player that can provide that expertise with centralized sourcing of local and telco-independent, high-quality internet services, eliminating the complexity of having to source these themselves. Further, this enables them to augment their SD-WAN/SASE portfolio and offer clients a complete end-to-end network solution.
The GNX solution for MSPs and System Integrators
GNX streamlines the entire process of sourcing, deploying, and managing internet and private connectivity services for our partners. We remove the complex barriers that result from dealing with multiple carriers in multiple languages, with multiple invoices and contracts.

But there’s more. By working with GNX, you’ll gain direct access to GNX’s carrier-neutral connectivity platform–your new one-stop-shop and the most efficient way to source, order, deploy, and manage your customers’ underlay services.
With our leading technology and an optimized underlay from GNX, we’re able to offer our enterprise clients one of the best SASE solutions on the market.
~ CEO European Managed Service Provider
Business Benefits
  • Expand your portfolio to deliver an end-to-end network solution
  • Access to our carrier-neutral platform with direct pricing from competing local ISPs, responding faster to customer request
  • Accelerate revenue realization with rapid circuit installation
  • Access to our 24/7 NOC for real-time monitoring and support.
  • Quicker fault resolution with our Pro-active support
  • A trusted partner of underlay experts
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