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We provided an optimised underlay for an SD-WAN solution

This GNX client is a global pioneer in intelligent plumbing and climate solutions for residential and commercial estates. But as they moved away from MPLS to redundant global internet, they realized they needed help streamlining their network.

The challenges
Our client was having difficulty sourcing the local internet access they needed globally. Plus, there was the daunting task of consolidating all their customer-sourced and telco-sourced legacy internet services. What they needed was an optimized underlay and a better way to manage it.
Our solution
GNX designed, delivered and deployed fully infra-redundant internet connectivity for each site, delivering local ISP services with the best regional peering capabilities. We also consolidated all of these underlay services into one contract and one invoice, completely streamlining the management of their network underlay.
GNX added value

Our solution was fast, flexible and totally tailored to our client’s needs. We not only presented them with the best selection of local connectivity options, but we provided fast quotes and service delivery that allowed them to optimize their WAN quickly and efficiently. 

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